Bigg Boss 13 Theme and Final Host in Season 13

Host in season 13

If you are looking for a host for Bigg Boss 13 then you are at right place. here I will tell you the host for Bigg Boss 13 and all other news. Salman Khan is the most famous star of Bollywood. He is the host of Bigg Boss from season six. Salman Khan said he have learned many things from Bigg Boss. He said in his interview: “I never enjoy it. Eudemon and Colors TV enjoy pick the people and lock them in the house that I have to then deal with. Sometimes I also enjoy it; sometimes I don’t enjoy it, not a little bit. But I have learned a lot from them.”

Bigg Boss 13

Salman Khan confirmed that he will again come in this season but it is also reported that Salman Khan is also busy these days in other works. In season 13, maybe he can’t come as a host. But there is no any confirmation for host yet. We will update here all news of Bigg Boss 13 and its host. fans are much excited to know about the host. This show is also high TRP rated due to its host Salman Khan.

The theme of the Bigg Boss 13

In season 12, the theme was Jodi. In Jodi theme, all contestants participated in a Jodi. Let’s see the theme in this season is Jodi or another interesting one. You can see the theme of this season after final announcements. Remain tuned with us. We will update all news.

It is also revealed that the Sony TV will broadcast Bigg Boss 13 Episodes in this year but it is also not finalized. Everybody is much awaited for this season.

The house for Bigg Boss 13 will shift from any other place from Lonavlo in this season, revealed by the wife of Omung Kumar. Maybe they set house for Bigg Boss in this season in Mumbai. But there is no confirm news. Before starting the season 12, there was also news that the house will shift but nothing. They set a house according to all modern facilities. They also set the cameras in the house using different strategies. All participants have their own microphones and they get guidelines through microphones.

Bigg Boss 12 winner:

In Bigg Boss 12, Dipika Kakkar was the winner of Bigg Boss. She got 30 lakh prize money. Cricketer Sreesanth was the runner up. Singer Deepak Thakur got 20 lakh prize money in season 12.

We will update here all news of Bigg Boss 13 after final auditions. Stay tuned. We will also update all episodes of Bigg Boss 13. And if you are looking for audition and registration process then you can see on our website. Watch Bigg Boss 13 Full Episodes

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